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             The real life Rancho is Sheikh Jahangir Sheikh from Jalgaon, now 52-year-old and a car painter by profession has shown immense ability to innovate since his childhood. As Jalgaon faced huge electricity crises, Jahangir first designed scooter powered spray-painting unit about 25 years back to sustain his business.  Initially, he developed a compressor on a Luna (a moped) but as it did not work properly due to Luna’s low engine power, he experimented with scooter to build mobile spray painting device to get work done faster and easier. Jahangir spent about Rs. 4,000-5,000 for buying second-hand scooter and modified it into spray painting devices. Till date Jahangir has sold about 6 such spray painting machines.

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Real-Life Rancho

    Sheikh Jahangir, who had lent his innovative `chakki` scooter for the blockbuster Bollywood flick `3 Idiots`, is a real-life Rancho himself.
    A resident of Jalgaon and a Class I dropout, Jahangir Painter, as he is popularly known, wanted to pursue studies but family circumstances did not permit it. Over the years, he did odd jobs, grazed cattle and worked at a tea stall as well.
    ``I wanted to study but due to poverty had to start earning at a tender age. I took a small shop in Autonagar in Jalgaon and started painting vehicles. I then devised a scooter that could work as a super mach



    The primary objective of `RANCHO Innovation School` is to promote creative and out-of the box thinking amongst young students. Jahangir is also keen on imparting practical skills to students that will make them employable. This school is almost free and the enrolled students are only expected to pay Rs. 10 for the entire year. Currently, the school has about 400 students. Jahangir says ``Students come to my school to gain practical knowledge and majority of them are from very poor economic background. There is no qualification and economical background bar for taking admission. Even students



    Jahangir has converted 4 second-hand scooters into super machines capable of working as a washing machine, a mobile sugarcane juice making unit, a generator, and even a flour mill.

    This uneducated mans extraordinary innovation, the scooter-powered flour mill that he built 20 years ago, was also exhibited in the Hindi blockbuster, 3 Idiots.

    The world watched even as Aamir Khan rode his scooter in the film. For Jahangir, who has struggled all his life, this was a great honour. I had mixed feelings of happiness and pride. I also felt strange when I saw my scooter designed 25 years ago in